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Stacey Vaughn

Stacey grew up in Belding and moved around Michigan after graduation attending different colleges trying to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. She always felt human medicine was what she was supposed to do so she worked as a CNA and pharmacy tech while attending school for surgery and phlebotomy. Stacey then tried her hand in business owning and opened the ice cream shop in Fenwick. When Stacey landed her position at Sheridan Animal Hospital she knew animal medicine was where she belonged.

Stacey Resides in Stanton with her husband and 2 boys where she enjoys, hunting, fishing, quads, snowmobiles, camping, crafting/DIY projects, and hanging out with family. Aside from 2 crazy boys, Stacey and her husband also raised 2 German Shepherds, 7 chickens, a duck and 18 bunnies.